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 Guidance for Bilingual Parenting

Online Guides:

  • Raising Bilingual Children
    As my teacher always stressed:  "Prior planning prevents poor performance".  This great little introductory article helps parents understand the development of bilingualism, learn how to maintain a balanced bilingual family as well as how to sustain bilingualism in their lives:  http://iteslj.org/Articles/Rosenberg-Bilingual.html
  • Raising Polyglot Kids
    Want your child to speak multiple languages by the time they're 20 years old?  Here is some general advice as well as methods (inexpensive & expensive) to show you the way to raise polyglot kids.  Some of the tips are obvious, like trying to keep things fun and exciting, but these tips all approach this challenging task with a can-do attitude that most parents can only be inspired by!   http://language.bin.org/FXM/le/howyour.htm
  • Raising Bilingual Children:  The first Five Steps to Success
    From Omniglot: Writing Systems and Languages of the World, this site offers 5 "do it yourself" steps that parents can take to raise bilingual children, as well as offer more articles and other links related to raising bilingual children that every parent should have and read.  A very practical guide that helps to prepare families for this new undertaking: http://www.omniglot.com/language/articles/bilingualkids1.htm
  • Taking Your Horse to the Water
    For families who are living abroad, this website discusses some of the methods parents can use to speak their minority language to their children, despite the forces of majority language dominance.  One must first be aware of these forces before one can fight them.  This article also addresses issues including parental steering, the power struggles kids have with language, how to combat peer pressure, dealing with divorce as well as remind parents of the long term benefits and advantages of keeping up with your child's bilingualism.  http://www.familylifeabroad.com/bilingual.html
  • Excellent Bilingual Early Childhood Programs - Parent Guide
    The Intercultural Development Research Association provides a checklist for parents wanting to ensure that the characteristics of a bilingual preschool program would be successful and effective.  They also tell parents what they can to do involve themselves with this process.  http://www.idra.org/newslttr/2004/May/checklist_eng.pdf

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